Where are they now: Stephen Morrissey (2008)

Name: Stephen Morrissey (aka. Flying Thud)

Age: 27

Championship year: 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

In the packed hall of a former meat house and sub tropical temperatures due to the excessive number of people who had poured in to watch the WBC, Stephen Morrissey will be remembered for two things:

1. “OH SHIT,” he proclaimed to the judges as part of his signature drink muffin like features fell into the ice bath on which they were resting. Following an onstage recovery Stephen qualified for the final.

2. One of the best WBC performance soundtracks ever played. Discussions of a compilation album never came to fruition but to this day no other barista has ever got so many (Irish) people dancing in the bleachers.

These days he divides his time between sweet home Chicago, Los Angeles and any other number of amazing international destinations as an important guy within the US based coffee roaster and retailer Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea.


One Response to Where are they now: Stephen Morrissey (2008)

  1. He’s got so much money he can afford loads of combs. What a show off.

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