Re-live the winning performance from the 2010 WBC

Michael Phillips – World Barista Champion 2010


Fashions from the Field: WBC 2010

Shoes, socks and ties are SO hot right now.

BBC News Covers the WBC

Tom Burridge caught the WBC action in this piece airing on BBC World News America. Watch for Fabrizio, Bfortch, Stephen Morrissey’s beard and the new World Champ.

America’s Region Bromance

Congrats to Mike Phillips and Raul Rodas for taking 1st and 2nd place in the WBC!

WBC Finalists 2010

Greece, Guatemala, USA, Australia, Ireland, Denmark.

London Fashion Report day 1 & 2

tight shirts, totally in

Annette's bob = totally hot

stripey shirts = totally in

Mike Phillips has right-sexy socks

a coffee person’s shoe

stripey socks are everywhere

Mike Yung listening to who-knows-what using a clipboard he obviously stole from the Volunteer kiosk

"We're getting a report of a fashion emergency backstage. Send back-up."

blue is the new stainless


Where are they now: @klaus_thomsen (2006)

Name: Klaus Thomsen

Age: 29

Championship year: 2006

When the trophies for the WBC were awarded in Bern no one quite knew the impact of the infamous GOAT.

Auctioned annually as part of the Nordic Cup to raise money for charity the original goat trophy won by Klaus is almost as famous as the man himself.

Now, when not wishing his face ended up on the all new Aeropress box, he works with a stupidly talented pool of coffee professionals in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of The Coffee Collective, and he’s a really awesome guy.