A New Champion

2010 World Barista Champion:

Mike Phillips, United States

2nd Raul Rodas, Guatemala

3rd Scott Callaghan, Australia


WBC Finalists 2010

Greece, Guatemala, USA, Australia, Ireland, Denmark.

Photo of the Semi-Finalists


Søren Stiller Markussen – Denmark

Raul Rodas – Guatemala

Fabrizio Sencion – Mexico

Kyle Straw – Canada

Ana Lucia Lardizabal De Hawit – Honduras

Mike Phillips – USA

Scottie Callaghan – Australia

Yara Castanho – Brazil

Thomas Schweiger – Germany

Colin Harmon – Ireland

Alejandro Mendez – El Salvador

Stefanos Domatiotis – Greece

Where are they now: Paul Bassett (2003)

Name: Paul Bassett

Age: 32

Championship year: 2003, Boston, USA.

After the Win: The first of the real rOcKsTaR WBC Champions, Paul Bassett has arguably benefited most lucratively from his WBC win. A television show called Living Coffee was commissioned, endorsements from BMW and Sunbeam and number of retail stores in Japan and South Korea. Back in Australia, he also has his own brand of Paul Bassett Championship Espresso.

Photo Credit: Mark Prince (Coffeegeek)

Scott Callaghan