Eight Cafes Worth Visting During your Stay in London

Penny University

Nude Espresso

Taylor Street Baristas

Dose Espresso

Pitch 42


Taste of Bitter Love

Climpson and Sons



Penny Uni is in Shoreditch

Guests getting schooled at Penny-U

Barista champions – past, present & future – are popping up from underground stations all around London. Unless you’ve been hiding under a butter crumpet or a pork pie, you’ve prolly already heard that one of the hottest spots on the WBC Coffee Map is Penny University – the small-but-focused-store front operated by Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

No milk. No sugar. They don’t even have ESPRESSO. O! M! G! Just coffee carefully-prepared in a way that allows for exploring, savoring and taking it all in. You can even taste a flight of 3 coffees paired with three artisan chocolates.

WBC Certified Judges Prepare

While many will be out and about enjoying coffee in London the next two days, a dedicated group of coffee pros will be behind closed-doors working away in a not-so-coffee-orientated location in London preparing for the big competition.

Locked inside a secret location of the British Medical Association (home of many many past coffee events and seminars – hee hee), the WBC judges will be guided through a series of discussions, exercises, role-plays, and coffee tasting that will sharpen their skills and warm up their palates.

31 Certified Judges from New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Guatemala, Mexico, Greece, Zambia and Ireland will be tasting coffee and sharpening their skills to be able to dedicate their tongues, sniifers and skillz for the 53 national champions.

don't bother the judges as they calibrate here

The Official Afterparty

The venue for the official WBC afterparty is the Louise Blouin Foundation near Shepherd Bush, London. According to their website they can host up to 800 people, so it’s going to be a fun party! The event is ticketed, so if you’re not a volunteer or staff member be sure to enquire about getting an invite!

WBC’s London Coffee Map

WAC to dovetail WBC

http://worldaeropresschampionship.wordpress.com/ for Details.

The Transport

Mind the Gap.