Meanwhile, over at the WLAC

The title of World Latte Art Champion was taken this year by Haruna Murayama. Today she did a guest shift on the WBC brew bar and shared her milk skills with visitors to the show.


WBC Livestream Video

Here is the link to watch all the action live via the WWW and replays of the days action whilst we sleep/eat/party. This year has promised to be a much higher quality feed and video as the WBC has invested via their GOLive project in better technology and systems to share all the action from London with everyone around the world.

Eight Cafes Worth Visting During your Stay in London

Penny University

Nude Espresso

Taylor Street Baristas

Dose Espresso

Pitch 42


Taste of Bitter Love

Climpson and Sons

Competitors Arrival

Competitors from all over

Champion's Best Friends

Elvinator in the UK

WBC Brew Bar is stacked & packed, especially in the back

Competitors & Judges share a train to Olympia

Champions wait for their WBC credentials

Champs in the Stands

Kyle Canada Mike USA Fabrizio Mexico Soren Denmark

WAC to dovetail WBC for Details.

WBC Brew Bar will feature the Marco Uber

The Marco project reports that the 2010 WBC Brew Bar will feature several brew method options including: Hario Siphon; Aeropress; Chemex; Bodum French Press; Siphon & pourover.

Featured coffes roasters will include Square Mile and Hasbean (England); Coffee Angel (Ireland); Tim Wendleboe (Norway); Da Matteo (Sweden); Intelligentsia & Counter Culture (USA).


The Venue