Another good chat with WBC Champ: “Consumers should know if what they’re buying is within 10 months of harvest.”

Consumers should know if what they’re buying is within 10 months of harvest.

via The world’s best barista explains why you’re buying the wrong coffee : Bundle.

WBC Champ continues to wow the media, and us

Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer (or winter if you’re an Aussie).  While we’ve been on holiday, Mr. Phillips has continued to drop great info on the media.  Here’s a podcast interview he gave a few weeks back.

Chicago, meet your world champion barista | Dolinsky Podcast |

World’s Best Barista: Michael Phillips

World’s Best Barista: Michael Phillips Of Chicago’s Intelligentsia.

Although the WBC is over, the press coverage keeps rolling in. Here’s a nice piece from the Huffington Post on Michael.  Seems the HP has become a fan of coffee as of late.

Re-live the winning performance from the 2010 WBC

Michael Phillips – World Barista Champion 2010


Day One of his Reign

Fashions from the Field: WBC 2010

Shoes, socks and ties are SO hot right now.

BBC News Covers the WBC

Tom Burridge caught the WBC action in this piece airing on BBC World News America. Watch for Fabrizio, Bfortch, Stephen Morrissey’s beard and the new World Champ.